Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Guru Gobind Singh Ji Rehatnama or Rehat Maryada ! Where it is?

Lot of readers reach my blog by searching for Rehatnama by Guru Gobind Singh or Rehat Maryada by Guru Gobind Singh Ji.  These are popular keywords and my blog shows up the in the search.  One of the main reason I started this blog was that I too searched Rehatnama or Rehat Maryada by Guru Gobind Singh or one of the Gurus but not from any body else.  I could not find one except Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

Again this is my perspective and you can disgaree with me.  Also I prey to Waheguru forgive me if am wrong.  Guru Gobind Singh made the writings of the all the Gurus available in the Sri Guru Granth Sahib before he passed away in his human form. Please read my other posting.  Most of the Rehat Maryada we follow now is not written or said by our Gurus.  If Gurus can write this pious and holy writings they could have written these rehat nama by them selves.  I some what agree that we should follow Rehat Maryada written in 1900 by SGPC as too many Maryadas were making it more complicated.   Again this is sort of agreement between different sects and deras that let us follow these rules.  Every body knows they bargained.   Irony is that this Rehat Maryada is enforced or dictated from same place where we discriminate women. (Women cannot do sewa or kirtan in Harmandir Sahib).  And we fools (including me) are following it blindly.

May Waheguru enlighten us all and guide to right path.  For this we have to open our senses.


  1. All these rehatnamas are fake sikhi written by people who wanted people to agree to their view point of sikhi. Even the Granth called Sooraj Prakash distorted sikhi so much and made them like performing rituals, instead of statue of god and godess we have Guru Granth.
    See harminder sahib how they wrap Guru Granth Sahib and tocuh rumalaas to it and give to public. I feel ashamed as sikh watching it. See young sikhs going away from sikhi and ritualism is the main cause.
    More people should think like you and question all these Karm Kaands. Satnam.

    1. dude just think what you saying...
      guru nanak ji ..our first guru (if u dont know) was against murti pooja... praying in front of statue... he said that one should pray to what they can read and understand and also follow if we wish too...
      i dnt understand why you want statues for praying unless you trying to tell me that with praying in front of statue your spiritual power boosts...
      i follow both hindu and sikh religion and i can barely see any difference in what these two religions are trying to teach us...
      and before saying anything do some research...
      PEACE OUT!

    2. agree with u...we are going back on the same track from which Guru Nanak Dev ji pulled us out!

    3. Sikh religion is not same as any other religion in the world. I am not saying this because I am Sikh. I am saying this because i have observed couple of other religions. In every other religion, people pray for the follower of god and not pray for God itself. So, In Hindu religion, people pray for god and goddess such as Lord Krishna and others who also pray to God themselves. In Christian, people pray for Jesus and Jesus prays for God. In Sikh, people pray for God. If you cant see this different then ignore it. U are not at this stage to make this distinguish.

      Sikh Follower

  2. We should follow Rehat Maryada given by Panj Piaras during Amrit ceremony. Different deras or sampardas have different Maryada. So before taking Amrit ask and check out the maryada and once you are convinced then you take Amrit from that Jatha. Mine told me that I cannot eat halal or kutha meat but can eat jhatka. So before taking Amrit I checked. So I am fine eating meat as I am following the Maryada of Panj Piaras. There were some who told me not to eat meat so I did not take Amrit from them. It is simple.

  3. wow khalsa ji! it is called alert customer, check all terms and conditions, all rules and claus and if agree then sign that agreement. otherwise find another seller with more facilities. i do not believe in customized sikhi, i follow guru jis bani, guru jis life and khande/bate di pahul. there is no difference between kutha or jhatka, in both styles you are going to kill a living being for meat. i am not puran gursikh so cant say either meat/flesh is allowed according to guru granth sahib or not but i know its not a brahmin religon. sikh are more educated these days, so read bani and find solution for yourself. for your convince, here is the online version of guru granth sahib:

  4. Tarnjit Singh

    At least you are awakened sikh as you read and give your view points. I agree with you if you eat meat what difference it makes if it is halal or Jhatka.

    What Khalsa said in comments is very much true. I hear all the time that " We have taken Amrit from Sant so and so and sant ji told us we can do this. There was a Amritdhari lady with his eye brows plucked and when some body asked her she told that Babaji said do not cut your hair but threading is not prohibitted. It is true story. Same is the story with Jewellery, meat and kacheras (Underwear khalsa style). Some allow and some does not allow.

    Same is the case of kirpan while flying. Some Panj Pyaras tell you to take it off and do not eat anything during that time. The other say you can even eat when you are seperated from Kirpan.

    As per author of this blog, I like his idea, why we follow people and humans and rituals. Why not we follow Guru Granth and think ourself.

    By the way it is nice web site sikhsyasat and thanks for the link taranjit singh. This is first time I saw it.

  5. As a young sikh I have a question. Should we follow Guru Granth Sahib or Rehatnamaes? I just read that most of the Rehatnamaes are fake or distorted and we still follow them. I was reading rehatnama by Chaupa Singh it says do not trust women. What a shame that sikhs follow rehatnama of Chaupa Singh?

    I think future generation will ask these questions? If you do not answer these, they will be turned away from fake sikhi or we will shut their voice by issues hukamnamas against people who questions these rituals which do not fit in sikhi way of living.

    Sikhi based on the rehatnamas is how you look or what you do and sikhi is blind. That is not the sikhi which Guru Granth Sahib tells us which is awake and alert.

    Amrik Singh UK.

  6. there are different views between different jathebandies. But I think that we should follow the teachings of our Gurus and Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. There is no difference between halal and jhatka. Sikh cannot kill an inocents even they are animals. We are not allowed to eat any type of meat whether it is jhatak or halal which give pain to others.

  7. Well, our SGPC has really destroyed the purpose of rehitnama. Therefore, for advice, I recommend you look at Bhai Desa Singh Jee's or Bhai Nand Lal Singh Jee's rehitnama. As, they both are very similar, and they were Sikhs of Guru Jee's time.

  8. waheguru ji ka khalsa,waheguru ji ki fateh
    I totalyyyyy agree with your article...totallyyy!!

  9. Well gurupyareyo.. There is no difference between jhatka and halal..please go through Naseehatnama by Guru Nanak Dev Ji Tilang Mehla 1..meat is is written dere-
    Piye pyale ar khaye kabab,
    Dekho re loko jo hote kharab.-

    1. not true its not in sri guru granth sahib ji...please advice carefully.....wjkk wjkf.

  10. Hi kuldeep,

    judt out of curiodity, could you please suggest on wich page number of Guru Granth Saib i can find the following
    Guru Nanak Dev Ji Tilang Mehla 1
    Piye pyale ar khaye kabab

  11. satnam waheguru .
    agya pae akal ki tbeh chlayo panth sb sikhan ko hukam hai guru maneo granth

  12. we r think that we r sikh but we have kintoo prantoo on rehatmaryada b coz we want flexible maryada for our taste .we d'nt follow any taksal in d lack of faith .our taksal r 392 year old not too old but we bleve in B C 2000 year before we bleve in snatan darm or vedickal of hinduism thing is clear that jin prem kiyo tin bi prabh paio just like Kabir ji, Ravidasji some people say that they had not taken amrit frm panjpyarays but u have life like them .Its only hypothetcal things we have no spirit likeold sikh we find logic in every thing but light have no akkarr akal moorat

  13. Waheguru ji ka Khalsa
    Waheguru ji ki Fateh

    Khalsa ji, Rehetnama and Tankhahnam: Bhai Nand Lal is in the form of converstion between Bhai Sahib and Dhan Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji. It will clear all the doubts.

    Waheguru ji ka Khalsa
    Waheguru Ji ki Fateh!!